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Program Offerings in PG&E Territory

Low Income

Qualified low-income tenants can receive energy-saving home improvements at no charge.

Multifamily income-qualifying properties can receive no-cost energy assessments and whole building energy saving upgrades.

Low-income properties can apply for solar photovoltaic (PV) systems and energy efficiency upgrades at no cost.

Multifamily property owners and renters who meet specific income requirements can receive additional rebates from MCE for energy saving measures.

Apply for rebates as well as free comprehensive assessments and technical assistance for energy and water saving measures.

Market Rate

Receive incentives for energy-efficient and all-electric new construction and alteration projects.

Designed to provide technical assistance and incentives for new all-electric low-income residential buildings that reduce GHG emissions.

Residential developers and builders constructing new, market-rate homes with all-electric appliances and equipment can receive technical assistance and financial incentives.

Get rebates and no-cost energy consulting for energy and water efficiency upgrades at multifamily properties in the Bay Area.

Integrate energy efficiency upgrades into your multifamily property in SMUD territory.

EV & Renewables

Get rebates for new, qualifying generation equipment like battery storage, wind turbines, and more.

Add solar photovoltaic (PV) panels to your affordable multifamily property.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Programs

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Finance your energy efficiency projects with unsecured, 0% loans up to $250,000 per application. Loan repayment is made through your PG&E bill.

Market-rate and affordable multifamily property owners can apply for 100% financing of project costs for common area and in-unit energy efficiency upgrades.

Owners of any residential property can apply for financing for energy efficiency upgrades.